Where Does Your Press Release News Go?

Your press release is made available to be crawled by search engines, our Media Desk, journalists, websites, print media, television, radio, affiliates & bloggers.

Distribution of your press release is paramount to us when you send a press release through a service like 24-7 Press Release Newswire. For any press release distribution company, having key distribution partners to help disseminate your news certainly helps. Depending on the press distribution plan you select (our plans may be found here) will depend in part on where your press release will be distributed.

For example, when you select our Mass Media Visibility press distribution package, because of our long term relationship with Cision PR Newswire, your press release also goes to their 2,500+ media points. This includes major distribution points including Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, Benzinga and Seeking Alpha.

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When your press release is sent through 24-7 Press Release Newswire, it's sent to a multitude of online locations where it may be found through major search engines, news websites and our very own Media Desk for Journalists (where thousands of journalists are registered and want to receive your press release news).

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Print Media

Your press release is sent directly to news print media outlets which include top papers like New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and thousands of others including trade publications & magazines. Our job is to distribute your press release to the editors. You just field the inquiries.

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Between the thousands of journalists registered in our Media Desk (a resource hub specific for journalists), the 30,000 members at the Associated Press that we make your press release available too and bloggers, we have you covered. Your press release may just be the inspiration they are looking for!

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Television and Radio

Television and radio are not dead; and exist in differing formats now including YouTube Channels, or Sound Cloud audiences. We don't forget about television and radio and include them with your press release distribution.

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Bloggers & influencers still have great audiences that people love to follow. They continue to grow in popularity with followers. By having your press release sent to bloggers, influencers and independent journalists, you are tapping into readers who believe in what they report on.

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Consumers and Readers

Social media is a powerful tool and with our social media share tools, your story may be shared, reaching beyond journalists and direct to consumers. When a press release does goes viral socially, it may receive better coverage than being picked up by a magazine or newspaper. Occasionally you can get the best of both worlds!